Outsystems pricing is unfair and has forced us to stop using it

My company has been using outsystems for 8 years. While I was skeptical at first I quickly got to like it and think it is the best development tool I've ever used in my 30+ years of writing apps.

However I now wish we never started with Outsystems. You see the apps we write are used for many many years. We don't write throw away apps. So for us Outsystems has become a financial "nightmare". We have to shell out a lot of money every year even for apps that have been written 8 years ago and have not had a single update. This has forced us to stop using outsystems for any new apps. 

However we of course have to keep paying otherwise the 20+ apps we have written cannot be supported well. Our financial department "hates" that huge bill every year for apparently nothing.

Yes we did try the detach code process before we committed to outsystems. We did note that maintaining that code would not be easy but we went ahead anyway . Now detaching the whole enterprise code base is just not feasible.

To me the pricing is not fair. We have to pay a lot of money every year even if we don't touch  the apps. I think the pricing model should be changed and we should only get charged for new development or for upgrades of features .

So before you get  into Outsystems be prepared to keep paying for the rest of your working days even if you don't use Outsystems.


Hello Fabian.

I have a few points for your consideration.

  1. this forum is for developers. We shouldn't have to worry about licenses and costs.
  2. licenses are visible on the site and are presented by Sales Representatives and the Financial departments get a clear idea of the cost for that year and how it will evolve as the business grow.
    There are ideas on the site asking for different license models. If you have a vision of how it can be better, suggest it.
  3. the current license model is by the number of users, so having 1 or 20 apps shouldn't make a difference.
  4. you are not paying to develop in OutSystems. You are paying to develop and have the apps in OutSystems, updated with the best security. Everyone expects companies to maintain the apps over the years. At least for security purposes.

Hi Fabian,

Thanks for the feedback, and I wanted to let you know that we've alerted both your account manager and our pricing team about this information. We take your feedback seriously and will be in contact ASAP.



Update: Just an update here that we're in contact with Fabian and his team to agree on the correct pricing model.

@Nuno Reis I'm just trying to warn anyone else to not get into this situation that we are in. While I would love to use Outsysems I now have to use things like React/.NET so the licensing does affect me as a developer.

We are licenced by software units. Our financial department negotiated the best deal they could get.

My point is that we have to pay a large amount every year even if we don't use the platform.  This cost isn't justified for security updates in my opinion. It should be a one time charge. Outsystems can charge us again when we decide to upgrade to a new version.


Software Units is a very old license model. After that there was Application Objects and now is just Users.

If you only paid for upgrades, would you ever upgrade? And if you paid only for "developing" would you do any update on the apps? This model has a lower price for constant features, instead of one higher for "using the platform". I'm not saying I like the price, but the licensing model is quite good.

However, now Jennifer is into this and you will be contacted by someone who can check your current contract and a proper licensing model.

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