Possibility of OutSystems Leveraging a Decentralized Network (Theta)

I hope everyone is paying attention to this shift towards Web 3.0 technologies - 


As forward thinking as OutSystems is, I would think they'd want to get in on the opportunity to leverage a decentralized web 3.0 network, like Theta, to deliver apps. What does everyone else think?

Hi Ron,

From my point of view the article just tells that is possible to "talk" from SAP Studio to Theta Network. Basically using a centralized application to push transactions to a blockchain and reading the state from it. The same can be done with Outsystems. Iam developing an integration component with the eos.io Blockchain Platform eosio - Overview | OutSystems. Still under development, but you can create, serialize and sign transactions and query state data with it. Definitly not Web 3.0 :-) but nice to play with. As we are both interested in that topic, maybe you are up for a chat ?



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