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Hi All,

I am developing an mobile app in which I am storing the FAQs in Outsystems database and when user enters any keyword in the input field, the filter of the aggregate gets triggered and based on the keywords all the questions are displayed on the screen. But to maintain the question and answer in the database I will need to create a seperate web app. So the problem here is I dont want to create a seperate web app to maintain the FAQs, rather there is already a external database i.e. s3 bucket available and I am using that in the app for other features and this external database is already having a seperate web app through which the data can be managed.

So can I use the s3 bucket to store the FAQs in a similar way as I designed using Outsystems database. If yes, can anyone please suggest me the correct approach to do this, which will work smoothly similar to the Outsystems database.

Dear Kaustubh

Of Course, you can use the External Database and integrate with the OutSystems. 

Please follow the below documentation for the same: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Extensibility_and_Integration/Integrate_with_an_External_Database

You can also go with the small Training Videos on Integrating the External DB: https://www.outsystems.com/training/courses/119/integrating-with-external-databases/

Please feel free to ask in case of any questions




Sorry if  I was wrong. In my understanding s3 bucket is not a database.

You can't treat it like a database.

Although there are several useful forges to access s3.

Please refer to below.




Yes Kaustubh! Yes Tom suggested S3 is not the database but as you mentioned you are already using that in some application I hope you are using the Database on AWS... If you want to integrate external database the URLs I have shared will help. 

If you have file on S3 and you want to fetch data using the File System you should use S3 connector as Tom suggested. That will also need some additional efforts. 

Let us know if that's help to achieve the challenge or need any further assistance. 

Hi Manish,

Thank you for the suggestion. I will try with uploading a file on s3 and fetching it in mobile app using s3 connector and with file system accessing the data in the mobile app.

Sure, Please let me know the results once you have done this :) All the best

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