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I'm starting an OutSystems course. I do not have any IT background, but i do understand concepts like variables, loops, etc... I'm struggling a lot to implement and to connect all these concepts with actions like buttons, widgets, screen client actions, input local variables, etc... Any tip for a beginner ? I'm feeling so frustrated because i want to continue with outsystems exercises but I'm not understanding what I'm doing.. Things do not make sense for me :(

Hi Pedro, 

try the basic courses in the Learn section. Go step by step, what you don't understand, research about it and move forward.

Hi Pedro

Follow the advice of José.

Also you can check the similar post here and try to do Guided Path Becoming a Traditional Web Developer
and/or Becoming a Reactive Web Developer.


Hi @Pedro Faria da Fonseca 

I started on outsystems world about 2 months and I understand you.

Firstly I followed this way:

Becoming a Traditional Web Developer: It will guide you in the basic knowledge of outsystems for development;

Becoming a Reactive Web Developer: You will learn about reactive world on outsystems, it is amazing to improve you knowledge.

Becoming a Mobile Developer: and last but not least, you will learn the concepts for creating mobile applications in outsystems.

This is the basic way to become a developer of outsystems. You can later learn about architecture and other concepts

I hope helped you

Hello Pedro 

Greetings for the day!

Firstly, Welcome to the OutSystems :) 

I assume already you are following one of the Guide Path and completing the courses from there. After completing the course you follow exercise and achieve the success. 

But this is all of following the steps mentioned in Exercise Sheet and Guide Path. So, it seems senseless as it doesn't give confidence of developing anything by own. 

See, what's happening to you is a most common things. Even it is same for the Techies too. So, first remove that thought of not from IT Background. You became an IT Technocrat since you Joined the OutSystem and perform Data Modelling on Feb 02, 2021 :)

The best approach to learn is: 

  • Complete the Course Video 
  • Download the Exercise Material 
  • Now, read the objective only and try to align the concept for achieving that with Pen and Paper 
  • Verify your thought with the Exercise Steps
  • What you have missed write on the Paper and complete your steps on Paper First
  • Then complete the App Exercise in Service Studio from the reference of that Paper Sheet
  • It will give you the confidence of achieving Milestones by Own

Once you have completed a few session, think about one Sample Application and develop that by own. Reference the Exercises but perform for what you need on your solution. Like - Think to develop an eCommerce Page, reference the exercise sheet... see how they are doing it... follow the same but the action should be to achieve eCommerce. 

Please feel free to contact if you have any further curiosity to know about how to learn. #NeverGiveUp 

Thanks & Regards 

Thank you all for you suggestions. I will do my best to surpass this situation 

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