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hi team, 

I am new to reactive web and want to know how to use the dropdown search for a long table.


When i restrict the table to 50 records it is showing in my Dropdown list but it is not the full list it is showing. 

when i type the data which is more it is not showing in my list. 

Can Some one throw how to do this i have even tried to pass the count by getting the list count in a variable but with that it is showing no results found as well.

with regards



Dear Saravan 

If you are using the Interaction/Dropdown Search the Advance Property is optional. Can you try once without any limit and see if data appears? 

Also try to find using this Keywords in the Aggregate and see how Aggregate operates. 

This may help you and give some hint to solve. Or Simply, share OML with us :) 

If you are using a very large list for your Dropdown, it might be impractical to fetch all of it at once. You could try using similar alternatives in the Forge such as the LazyDropdownSearch component, which will help you to only fetch a portion of the list according to your input. 

Give it a try and let us know if you need additional help with the implementation.

is there an alternative for the autoselect like the one in Richwidget for reactive web


Take a look at this Forge Component:

If I understood you well, it can helps you.

Hello @Saravanan Sukumaran,

If you want to continue using the Dropdown Search widget, then:

1. For the aggregate 'Max Records' you can set a number higher than 50 per your needs.
2. For the # of search results displayed, you can increase it to a number of your choice for e.g. 10 by placing the following code in the 'Advanced Format' property:




Hii @Saravanan Sukumaran, 

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