[Camera Plugin] Is the latest version compatible with MABS 7.0 for Android
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Recently we have upgraded to the latest version of the Camera Plugin. The new features to set image size and quality are great and exactly what we needed.
We are now in the process of upgrading all apps to MABS 7.0
The Android version of the app with the Camera Plugin is giving us build errors: "Error: An unexpected error has occurred while packaging your application. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact OutSystems Support."

Can you confirm that the Camera Plugin is compatible for MABS 7.0 on Android?

Thank you.



Hello Ben,

According to outsystems release notes :-


Camera plugin must be the latest version (6.2.0 or later) to be supported correctly in MABS 7.0.

Please check the url for Release note-




Thanks Krunal, we use version 7.0, so the Camera Plugin should not be the problem..

Hello Ben, 

The new version is compatible with MABS 7. In your application, are you using other Mobile Plugins besides Camera Plugin? 

Best regards,


Thank you.
Yes, we also use the cropper library plugin. I asked the same question on there support forum.

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