Expose API get by string value
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Ok I know how to expose rest api for CRUD operations...I know also how to select records by id (table identifier) but how to use a string (like name for example) to get a list of records? If I use filter, from table input,  it give me back of course a type error  "Failed to parse. 'LongInteger' compatible data type is required for parameter".


Hi! Are you trying to filter on your aggregate using a string, that's it?

Yes, I tried to replicate the "get by id" procedure but changing the id filter parameter to a string parameter .

My target is to expose a Get API to select all records positives for a name

Ok, I solved by myself :)
For others people: you have to connet db as usual, and add this a filter with the mapping formula MyTable.column = Locals>MyInput

Of curse as usual you connect the Assign element and that's it!

Great Francesco :) 

Please let us know if you face any further challenges and need any assistance. 

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