How can I save images locally?
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Hi there.

I would like to know if there's a way to save images locally using the Reactive File Upload component (or any other tool)?

Thanks in advance :)

@Yizuhi Galaviz  Hello! What you mean by saving locally?

  1. Upload a file from your local machine into your application and store it in the server's DB;
  2. Upload a file from your local machine into your application but not send it to the server (only display or manipulate from the browser directly);
  3. Your application accesses the server's filesystem to store in the database a file that's already on the server (or accessible via a shared folder)

which one?

If you dont want to add file path just add binary type attribute in your entity. (Add a new entity for this with identifier of other entity for which you want to upload image). and store file as binary there.

You can extract directly from there and can show/download.

Pls go through this link:

I saw this on this post :

Dear Yizuhi 

Greetings for the day!

What Marcio is suggested is correct but that's not a common use case. I mean would you help me to understand the use case?

 save images locally , means - 

  1. Do you want to download the image from your Database using Reactive Web? 
  2. Do you want an option to paste URL of any image and download them into your System Locally? 
  3. Or What is Marcio has suggested correct? 

Please try me to understand your question more specific. So, we can provide an appropriate answer to the same. 

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