External DB Learning Path
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11.11.0 (Build 42331)
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11.12.0 (Build 29969)

Hi, I'm new to OS and I started enrolling.
My problem is I've been programming for 40+ years (mainly VB, VBA & SQL but web dev)... so I know exactly what do I want, and I just need to know how to do it in OS :-)

The videos I liked the most use Excel data and I need to do the same but with my actual dbs (MSSQL & MariaDB).
Please help me suggesting some learning materials to do the same wonderful apps with just a few clicks but with external dbs instead.

Thx for your help.


Hello Cesarf 

Here is the Video Guide for External DB Integration: https://www.outsystems.com/training/courses/119/integrating-with-external-databases/

Also, the Guide Document: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Extensibility_and_Integration/Integrate_with_an_External_Database

Once you have integrated the OS with External Database for the App Development other process are same and you can opt any from Guided Path but I recommend for the Traditional One for you: https://www.outsystems.com/training/paths/2/becoming-a-traditional-web-developer/ 

Hi, Manish Gupta

I had already seen the first one, but ended working from scratch without almost no help from the platform as been seen in promotional videos in youtube.

I'll been adding the issues I found and eventually their solutions in order to help OS to enhance their guides for external databases with mobile and other kind of apps:

* There are several commands/aliases in connection settings... are there a list of supported ones?
* Is it a must to publish empty modules before adding other items (showing error otherwise)?
* How to add an identity to an entity with trigger updating (I mean, w/o db identity function)?
* How to create entities from stored procedures returning data, not just tables or views?
* How to scaffold from tables without identities but primary keys with multiple fields?
* How to apply themes to use ai in a screen started from scratch?
* How to create a query to a table with just some fields and not all?

Those are the main issues I can remember for now and I've not solved all nor found in documentation
Please note that I just started and I'm really into low coding AND intuitive guides with low documentation or forums consulting, other than enrolling in lot of courses to find answers... that's why I suggest this enhancements to their external db guides

Anyway, thank you for your guidance

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