[BDDFramework] Benefits of using the BDD framework
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I'm sorry to ask you a rudimentary question.

I think you can do BDD development using the outsystems debug feature, 

but what are the benefits of doing BDD development using this BDD framework?



What has the debugging feature to do with BDD Framework?

The BDD tests you code you can run over and over again, while debugging needs to be done manual by a coder over an over.

These are two completely different things 

As your code base grows automated tests help you to fastly determine that all previously build code still works according specification.

If a BDD test fails, you code find the route cause with a debugging session. That is where you use the debugger feature of Service Studio.



Thank you for the explanation.

I learn about BDD.  

Hii Masuda

I hope you are clear with Daniel's comments. Also, to BDD framework in depth I would recommend to go for its documentation having series of 3 Blogs - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/Component_Documentation.aspx?ProjectId=1201&ProjectName=bddframework 

This practice will help you to understand in better way :)

Many Thanks

Thank you for your kind feedback.

I will study with reference to this URL.

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