Is there a limit for importing Excel data?

Hello, folks!

I was trying to put together a simple screen to update data from an XLS spreadsheet.

It happens that in my editing screen, the table appears as if it actually existed. However, when I try to view the data directly from the table, or accessing the page via a browser, it speaks as if there was no data.

However, after countless tests, I was able to observe that by reducing, for example, the number of lines as shown in the image, the table works normally.

Was there a limit to this type of import? I have already checked all the fields and found no possible cause. I had made other screens like this before, but I cannot understand the cause of this problem.


Hi Anderson,

Could you elaborate what steps and widget/components you are following? 

In terms of excel import, I have tried thousands of records ... and it goes well.



As said before, while at list Page (at the Service Center), the List appears as it worked. 

Dear Anderson

The limit is always there to avoid the risks but in terms for files upload the limit would be of file size. Still, I am not sure about max file size and constraints or limitations. I would assume up to 30K rows should not be problem.

With respect to best practice, I think its advised to start a timer to do processing in background and if possible segregate the processing into its own timer. for example when loading huge excel, soon after the file is uploaded I would start a timer which can read a table to see if any files need processing, reads the file and loads it into another table and start a new timer; This new timer can read from the table and process the records in batch. Be sure to take into consideration of failed cases and timeout while designing timers. Check this


Hello, Manish! Please check the answer I've send to Swatantra. The file is much less than 30K, not even 250 rows! Gonna try this practice but not sure if this is the case, as I said, I've doing screens like that for some occasions and never had this kind of situation. But thanks!

Ahh, Thanks for sharing the Screenshot in the same response. Can you share the OML? Or at self can you try to Bootstrap the Excel Again. Please do as below - 

1. Bootstrap the Excel

2. Publish the app first. So, data will be loaded in Entity 

3. Create the Table and call the Aggregate of Entity, 

It will work.  

Manish, Unfortunately I'm not able to share it right now. 

Anyway, I removed the data from the spreadsheet and left only two lines. And now it runs! There were no more than 300 lines before. And as for the bootstrap, it is already generated automatically, right? Anyway I will try to do it manually this way and I will return to you in a little while!

Hello Motta

What Happened? I hope everything is fine. 

IMO the file you had earlier should also work with BootStrap. Have you checked and share the Results with us? 

As shared here, the Bootstrap isnt created automatically when I import a spreadsheet that generates a table (see picture above)?  What should be done / added for Bootstrap in addition to what is already instantiated by default?

Can you please the file with us to check and Bootstrap the data? 

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