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Hi. I am looking for a widget that I can use for someone to select time (Hours, minutes and seconds). The time picker widget displays time eg 8am, 8:30am. I am not interested in exact time I just want a user to select time intervals eg 1hr, 30 mins, 5 seconds which I will later add on a default time to calculate the new time.


Hi Rudo,

Did you browse the Forge already?

Some time pickers for traditional:

Alternatively, if you are only in intervals of 30 minutes, you could create a static entity with all these values (48 records) and use it in a dropdown widget.



Hello Rudo 

Sorry for not getting the clear idea but can you please clarify - 

Does it means you want one Timer Widget that will display Random Time on screen and if you add more time in that the time gets increased to that much. 

If someone not doing anything the Time will show as it is, or will run as countdown or what will be the use case? 

Hi, I just wanted a widget I can use so that someone can input hours, minutes and seconds. I ended up using the input_calendar widget. It does what I need though I really don't want the pop-up calendar to show. I just want editable text for 00:00:00 (H:M:S).  I couldn't figure out how to remove the pop-up but it's working

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