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I am new to outsystems. I am trying to pass the identifier field from a list view to a edit view. I have a link in each result on the view page. When I click on the link, I have it setup to open an edit page for a different entity. Although it's a different entity, I want it to be related to the first entity, so I want to connect them using the identifier field. I got it to work, but the problem is the user has to manually select the identifier from a dropdown list on the edit page. How do I pass the identifier without the user having to select it from a dropdown?

FYI...I named the field that I want to receive the identifier as "requestorID" and it knew that I wanted the two related. I then made the two entities related on the entity diagram. This is how the drop down started working I believe. Now I just want it to receive the parameter without the dropdown box.


Hi Mark,

Your description is quite short... Could you provide more details or a brief description about what you are trying to accomplish?

Rafael Pereira
Hi Rafael,
Thanks for responding. I am trying to have a list view that shows a list of items (search results). I want the user to be able to click on a link or a button, which is available on every item/record, if they are interested in an item. When they click on the link, it will load a page that submits their first name, last name, zip code and email address into a database that I can later retrieve. But I need to know which item they clicked on so I know which item they are interested in (this is why I wanted the unique identifier to submit automatically). After they submit it, the page would then go back to the search results so they could do the same thing to other records/items they are interested in.
Let me know if this makes it more clear…
Thanks Again,
Hi Mark, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

What you can do is:

1 - in the registration screen, add an input parameter of type Item Identifier;
2 - in the first screen's link, pass "TableRecords.List.Current.ItemRecord.Id" (edit this to match your own eSpace's table and entities' names :) ) to the registration screen;

This way, you'll have access to the Item identifier they clicked.

If you need to, pass it over to the next screen again, after they register.

Let us know if this helps.


Paulo Tavares

Sorry for my late answer... Please follow Paulo's steps and give us feedback.

Rafael Pereira


Sorry for being so basic!! I tried to look it up in the help, but I haven't been able to find it. A few more questions...

1. When you say "registration screen", which screen do you mean? Where they register to be a user or the linked to page where their name, email, zip, ect. is entered to show they are interested in the item? I assume you mean the linked to screen that is receiving the parameter.

2. How do I pass "TableRecords.List.Current.ItemRecord.Id" in the link? I right clicked on the link and I do not see a pass parameter button. If I highlight the link, I see "Name" "Style" "Name 1" and "Value 1" on the right outsystems column. Is it any of these or do I look elsewhere?

3. Lastly, which fields do I change in the expression "TableRecords.List.Current.ItemRecord.Id" to my own? My page name is Requested_List, my entity name is "requested", and my identifier is called "id". Would it be

Again, sorry for being so basic....I worked for many hours last night and could not get anywhere so I decided to ask, haha.

Hi Mark,

First point: Dont be sorry! A "2 day fresh developer" question helps another future "1 day fresh" one!

Now quoting your last post:
"How do I pass "TableRecords.List.Current.ItemRecord.Id" in the link? I right clicked on the link and I do not see a pass parameter button. If I highlight the link, I see "Name" "Style" "Name 1" and "Value 1" on the right outsystems column. Is it any of these or do I look elsewhere?

There is no pass parameter option...instead use the "LINK TO" option...On "LINK TO" option select your desired screen (probably the Detail webscreen) and then you'll find the parameters options on the right panel.

The main idea: You want to link screen A to screen B passing parameters from A to B. Using the "link to" option (right click on your tablerecord column) you can accomplish this task.

If it still doesnt work, please attach your eSpace...

Rafael Pereira
I will attach the espace.