Configure DropdownSearch in mobile application
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Hi All,

Is it possible to configure dropdownSearch?

widget should return only results which contains my search query?

For example, when I click on this widget whole list which I assigned is getting displayed and when I enter the search query it filters out the list. so I want that when I click on the widget the list should not be displayed only when I start typing the keyword the list on the basis of search should be displayed.

How to configure this?

Hi. Hope you are doing well.

So, if I understood your question, you want that any row isn't displayed when the user opens the widget, but when he starts to type, the best matches start to appear.

You can achieve this, by on "AdvancedFormat" DropdownSearch properties write


This will load any row there, but it will fetch the best matches when start typing.

You can check what you can do inside that property here:

And I created a little example, please check if it is what you asked for.

Hi @Joao Filipe Ascensão ,

Thank you for the quick response. It worked.

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