Trusted component guidelines are now public

Hello OutSystems Community!

It is with great pleasure that I announce our latest guidelines on how components are marked as Trusted!

The process of marking a component as Trusted is a core part of Forge as it helps development teams all over the world identify components that follow best practices and are upholding the highest standards in code quality, security and maintenance.

This process was announced a few years ago as an experiment but we never disclosed what were the guidelines to follow in order for a component to gain the Trusted badge. Starting today, you can learn more about: 

  1. who is responsible for marking components as Trusted and 
  2. what are the guidelines for this process.

You can find the guidelines in the new Trusted components requirements documentation article.

With this we hope that component consumers can be more informed when looking at a Trusted component and component owners can have a better understanding of what is being  analyzed and start applying these guidelines to their own components. 

Interested in sharing any feedback about this process? 

Please use the Feedback widget in the right side of the article (image below) and let us know!

feedback widget that can be found at the right side of the article

Happy Forge-ing!

Thank you for sharing the good news!


Helpful to create up to the mark Forge Component. Thanks Cristiana :)

Very good, but it seems to be missing how to apply to have the component marked as Trusted. Also, december 2020 the support team has replied that this proccess has priorization based on how many production environments have the component installed, has this changed?

Hi Leandro,

The prioritization criteria continues the same and there's not a process to apply yet. 

The team is working to be more efficient in this analysis before we open the application process to mark a component as trusted.

Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks @Cristiana Umbelino for disclosing the guidelines for trusted components. It will help developers to follow the guidelines and to tag their forge component as trusted one.

Thanks for the information !!!

Thanks for sharing!

Thnx for the info.

Thanks for the info, it was helpful.

Great information. This is going to help push the forge to higher standards.

It's a really good feature, but it would be nice to know how long time it would take to get your assets reviewed.

I requested a badge mid June and I haven't got any answer, other than an automatic message about the request will be proceeded.

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