how to secure the Document(jpg,pdf files) in Application path?

how to secure the Document(jpg,pdf files) in Application path?

i have a folder in Application Path.During run the Application i show that files based upon  the Conditions .In this case the path was viewed in Status bar of the Application.

Now i used that path directly in browser it shows that files.Here i have to Restrict to show that file.If the user Login that corresponding user must be Viewed.

How to handle this Situation..
Hi Devaraj,

It depends on how are you actually expose your files!

The "sample" url above doesnt seems to be some "Outsystems" url, so i'll assume that you are storing your files on a separated windows directory exposed by your webserver (Virtual Directory)
To create some "security" layer between your Outsystems application and your Virtual Directory you'll probably need to create a MapTable (new Entity) with your file paths, contentType and user permissions.

After this you'll need some "proxy" logic wich is basic a webscreen that receives an inputParamater with the filename and based on permission logic will force the download file using the BinaryGet action (exposed by HttpRequestHandler extension or RichMamail extension).

Searching for other solution?!: Store your files on database!  

Rafael Pereira