Carousel Pattern loses spacing after refreshing aggregate
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Hi all,

I'm currently developing a mobile application and I'm leveraging the Carousel pattern from OutSystems UI. Each element is a custom card designed by the dev team with its information being fetched from a local storage aggregate.

I'm taking advantage of the carousel properties to give some spacing between the elements and everything looks fine once the screen is rendered. However, as soon as I trigger some logic that will end up refreshing the aggregate from which the information comes from, the carousel loses the spacing. You can see this odd behaviour here.

Has any of you faced this before? Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance!

Ricardo Pedroso


Can you show how you specify the spacing in the properties?

Hi Kilian,

Please refer to the image below.



I'd tentatively say it's a bug, I'll ask OutSystems if this is a known issue. Also, be sure to report it to OutSystems via a Support Case, as OutSystems UI is a supported component.

Thanks for your feedback. Let me know if you get some feedback from OutSystems.

In the meanwhile, I'll report it as well.

Hi @Ricardo Pedroso,

Have you tried to use the CarouselUpdate client action when refreshing the aggregate? It could solve your issue.

Hi Bernardo,

Yes and it didn't fix the issue. The only way I found to fix it is if I rerender the entire screen or the carousel itself (which is not a very smooth thing to do).

Ok, thanks for the report.

One last thing: are you already using the OutSystems UI version 2.6.8? We improved the way the carousel handles the parameter changes, and it should fix your use-case.

Release note:

If not, we will try to mimic your use-case and see what might be missing here.

Best regards,

Bernardo Cardoso

Hi Bernardo,

Actually, we were not using the 2.6.8 version. However, even after updating it, the problem persists.

Thanks for your help.

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