Best Practice encryption key distribution to app instances?
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are there any Outsystems best practices, good experiences,... for the distribution of individual encryption keys to app instances?

Best Daniel  

I don't know the context in which you want to use the encryption key.

Generally we use encrypt keys for security purpose, if so, we should keep it on server side. On server side we can store it like Site Properties, Entities/Database.

Hello Daniel

Please look into the KeyStore Mechanism to store key and keep app secure. Here is the reference URL: 

Hope it helps

Hello Daniel,

we need more context for understanding what kind of encrypted key you want to distribute.

You can check Manish gupta's solution for secure data in mobile apps.



Hello @Krunal Vyas, hello @Manish Gupta, hello @$hri 

thank you all for your answers and of course I can provide a more context.

I'm currently developing an mobile app, were I need to encrypt sensitive data in the corresponding database entities. Therefore I want to create and/or distribute individual encryption keys to  every instance of this app (and of cause store it, but as you know storing is not the problem).

My question is, what is the best practice to create and distribute the individual encryption keys to the instances of the app? 

Best Daniel. 

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