Oracle Exadata Database Connection

Hi All,

I'm facing a error to create a new External Database Connection. My environment is in Version 10.0.804.0 yet and I need to create a new connection with an Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production.

I'm requested and opened all firewall rules and doing a telnet test from my frontend server to connect on database port 1522 the test result in sucessfully connection. But when I fill all informations on service center screen like host, port, service name and credentials I get the ORA-12541 - No listener error but when I testing using a IDE like sql developer to connect on the database I can connect successfully too. I'm done all testes from my front-end server.

Anyone get the same error and can help me?

Thanks guys.

Thanks for your help guys. I'm opened a support case too.


normally it is accessible on port 1521. I suggest to open a support ticket.

Yes normally is accessible on port 1521 but here in our company databases default port are changed for cover an security policy.

Hi Igor

Good day to you :) 

I don't think the Port Number could be an issue if your environment has configured it on different port that's fine and even should work. 

The Problem is something else and I have discovered these 2 URLs on Google for your help: 

Please have a look if that helps. 

Many Thanks :)

Hi Manish,

Thanks for your help! I was see these links but don't help me to solve. :(

I thinking the issue is related with the Oracle connection on the Outsystems need to be under sid and this database need the connection using a service name but I dont get any parameter to change this on the service center.

Ahh, then better would be to create a Support Ticket and take help. 

Thanks for your help guys. I'm opened a support case too.


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