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Hi all.

I have a screen with a ComboBox with a search. To populate this combobox, I have in the Preparation an "SQL Advance Query" widget that fetches a lot of data (2000+ lines).

This means that, when I run the Preparation of the page, I'll run a query that will slow my application and just to show data on a combobox.

When I "search" in the combobox, in fact the data is already cached.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this? 


Hi, hope you are doing well.

Can you explain a bit more when you say "When I "search" in the combobox, in fact the data is already cached. "

Are you fetching all the fields from the sql query? If yes you could create an structure with the id and label fields you need. After, you could put this structure as output from the SQL. You can also, add indexes to the database table for that 2 fields. With this 2 thigs, your performance will be increased.

Keep me updated if you were already doing that, or if it didn't work

Did you put something on the property: Cache in Minutes?

Can you share the OML(a demo, replicate what you are doing), to check?

Maybe I am not understanding your problem :/

Kind Regards,

Márcio C.


Hello Pedro 

I tried to understand the challenge from your Statement but not sure. Can you please clarify this in detail? 

  1. Your expectation was data will be fetched when Preparation Run but that is already fetched. Are you asking solution for this?
  2. Or your Page Load is slow?

Please be specified with the challenge you are facing and action you did.

Many Thanks 

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