How we share login screen in mobile app
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Hello All,

I'm new to outsystems, please tell me about sharing login screen in mobile app.

Share login details via Server action between modules can be possible but is it possible to share the login screen?
There are concerns that the login screen may exist in each modules...

In connection with the above, module partitioning is recommended?
Is there a difference of conditions such as online, offline, local storage, Entity, etc.?



Hi Asami,

Welcome to OutSystems.

In an OutSystems mobile app you can only have 1 module that has the login screen. Actually screens need all be in the main module. 

If you have a common login flow that you want to reuse for multiple applications, you need to put that in a public block in another module. This then allows reuse of the that block in different places in the same application or across applications. Then you can change the login screen in your app to include that block

Some useful information:



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