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My team has put all of our forge components under a single solution.  When trying to generate documentation on that solution, it says there is an error for outsystems charts.  I looked in service center and this error was logged around the same time:

also when i try to view the espace, i get the error below: 

Error executing query. Error in advanced query GetEspaces in Preparation in eSpace_List in MainFlow in OutDoc (SELECT {Espace}.*, {Espace_Version}.[Description], {Espace_Version}.[Uploaded_Date], {UserMT}.*  FROM  {Espace}  INNER JOIN {Espace_Version} ON    (    COALESCE({Espace}.[Version_Id], 0) = 0    AND     {Espace_Version}.[Id] = (SELECT max(version2.Id) FROM {Espace_Version} version2 WHERE version2.eSpace_Id = {Espace}.[Id])    OR     {Espace}.[Version_Id] = {Espace_Version}.[Id]   )    LEFT JOIN {UserMT} ON COALESCE({Espace_Version}.[Uploaded_By], 0) = COALESCE({UserMT}.[Id], 0)  WHERE( Lower({Espace}.[Name]) LIKE (@eSpaceNamePattern )) AND {Espace}.[Is_Active] = 1 AND {Espace}.[Is_System] = 0  ORDER BY @OrderBy ): Execution Timeout Expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

Hello @Ewin Hong,

Please confirm if you are using the latest version of OutDoc. I do not use OutDoc so the following suggestion is really a trial and error:

  1. Publish the OutSystemsCharts from ServiceCenter
  2. Publish all consumers for OutSystemsCharts from ServiceCenter
  3. Try regenerating using OutDoc

Hope this helps,



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