[Data Grid Web] How to pass customized bulk of input to Post API Body to show record in Data Grid Web
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     Currently i am using DataGridWeb in my application. Based on our UI search filter i will pass the input and  retrieve the records show  it in Datagridweb. So to retrieval done by using Get Rest Api. 

But now the input seach filters its getting increased so Get rest api is not working due to maximum data size limitation in query string parameter. So i wanted to convert into post api to support huge  inputs to be pass in body parameter of post api.

So i would  like to pass input parameter into post api and how the post api url can be consumed in Datagridweb. how to do that. Please share sample  code and suggestion to do it.  

Please help me to resolve this issue . 

Hello @Jeyaramajegan Palani 

Data Grid component only allows to retrieve the data with a REST call using GET, it isn't on our roadmap to change it, it would require deep change in the components core.

One possibility is to create a mechanism that calls a REST POST to store the search parameters, serialized (or not) into database table are retrieve the Id that will be the key that you can use in the GET call from the Grid Component:

This solution is not very performant, please keep in mind that this is just a suggestion for a workaround, we cannot assure this works perfectly in your use case.

In attachment you can find an OML with the example.

Please take a look and let us know if this helps,


Bruno Martinho


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