Expanding the functionalities of the outsystems online shop Demo

I am trying to expand the functionalities of outsystems online shop demo.I am trying to implement functionalities such as adding items to cart,getting total values by multiplying price * qty,and also using the the drop down sample i downloaded at outsystems downloads option.Everything seems to be going fine but i have troubles implementing the add items to cart functionalities in service studio.I developed a (roadside project)shopping cart on visual studio were by shops can upload their items online and sell them either as used or brand new on the site.I was trying to replicate that by developing similar app with outsystems because  i am trying to replicate some of my skills on .net in outsystems platform but i am having problems getting add items to cart functionality right.Any tip/help will be deeply appreciated.

Another problem is that i get a weird error message with the outsystems onlineshop demo anytime i am trying to confirm payments at the Service center
Hi Tmlewin,

Check the discussion link below and see if it helps you. (Mainly with "open eSpace" issues)

About the other topics: Try to simply follow the platform basics...In the begining sometimes it's hard to "translate" ASP.NET paterns/logic directly to OutSystems logic.

Rafael Pereira
ok thanks for the reply,but is there something like an accelerated training program were i can really learn advanced implementations using th OS plat,something like the outsystems bootcamp(still considering).I really need to master advanced skills in this platform before i begin stepping up my subscriptions to higher platform editions because at this stage of my career i still use visual studio as my primary dev platform for web development due to my inability to replicate certain complex tasks in the outsystems plat. i am currently in the learning process of using the OS plat.If the boot camp training is really intensive i dont mind giving it a shot really,because i have realised i could potentially get work done  faster in most cases at the outsysytems platform.And do  you know if the bootcamp can  be done online? bcos i dont live in portugal.
Hi Tmlewin, 

Bootcamps are presential!  

Other locations (For bootcamp training):

The Netherlands, Maarssen
United States, San Francisco

Rafael Pereira
Hi Tmlewin, 

I will send you a private message about your concerns. We're really interested in supporting you in your learning, and it would be great if we can do a quick conference call.

Best Regards,
Mário - OutSystems Academy