Junk Character on file write when Process enabled on multiple node
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Traditional Web, Service
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We write to a file in a process, these processes are spawned based on the number of requests received, so that each request is handled simultaneously and at end we are logging some information in a file. 

We are observing that If the environment is configured to execute process in only 1 server node there is no issue. But if its enabled on 2 or more server node, we are seeing junk characters inserted in file. Need to understand why junk characters are showing up, any help is appreciated, thanks.

Also is there a way to find out in which node process is created at run time?


Hi Ashwathram,

When talking about a "node" I assume you mean a front-end server? And when talking about a "process", are you talking about Timers or about BPT Processes?

Regardless, if multiple processes write to a single file, you are going to get concurrency problems, so these junk characters don't come as a surprise.

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