[InputMask React] Input mask type currency issue when delete with select decimal
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There is some issue with input mask type currency. There is no issue when delete amount without highlight or select decimal. But when delete amount while highlight or select include decimal amount, the variable will remain with same value (before delete). How can I solve this

Hi Nadzir,

I tried to replicate the same scenario by deleting the amount on basis of highlight. But value is updated correctly in my scenario. can you please check it is the same scenario which you are facing? Please find the OML and URL for reference.

URL : https://saravanan-gamechanger.outsystemscloud.com/TEST/Dropdown?_ts=637578030226960755


Saravanan Santhanam


Hi Saravanan,

 Thanks for your response. From your sample, I find out there is no "Force the display of the decimal digits" been used. Can help to try with Force the display of the decimal digits.

Hi Nadzir,

I forced the decimal digits in the same way as you did. Can you provide any sample OML of yours so, I can verify the cause.


Hi Nadzir,

I tried to simulate the issue, but I can see the variable value changes whenever I change the input, even if I select the decimal and delete it. Can you share the logic behind of your form inputs changes? It might be something to do with the logic itself.



I also encountered the same problem.
I could see when it worked well and when it did not.
You can see that problem in the official demo app.

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