[CKEditor.Reactive] Want to use the mention plugin of CK Editor
Forge component by Fábio Fantato
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Hi, I wanted to use the mention plugin of CK editor 4 with the other feathers of this tool.

I tried to do the same on my local machine(HTML code attached) with CKEditor and it works fine but when trying to add the same JS as shown below here with this component not sure why it seems not working.

I applied with JS in the OnReady Client action as shown below.

I have also added the mention plugins to the resource file as shown below

Please let me know how to fix this and make it work with the mention plugin




After some R&D we found a way to get the solution to the issue mentioned above.

Steps to be followed

1. Download the CKEditor.Reactive from Forge.

2. Make a clone of the main module from the download application(CKEditor.Reactive).

3. Remove all old available files from the Resources and add new files(with the same root directory as already followed, check-in the below screenshot given) you get from CK-Editor Builder as per your need.

4. Update the CKEditor Script with the extra added plugin, as shown below for the mention plugin.

In the above screenshot values of the Users is hardcore for now but that should be dynamic as per the OutSystems environment users.

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