Is there a way to inspect an entire projects config and settings?
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11.7.4 (Build 17635)

I would like to be able to view an entire widget tree for an entire app or at least for an entire screen in a flat, xml or json or some other plain text format.  The problem is when I copy a screen from one app to another, they display differently. Sometimes the differences are subtle, sometimes more pronounced.  As I step through the nested levels of entities in the tree of widgets etc, it appears everything is set exactly the same.  But something must be different at some level, somewhere that is causing the difference.  Thanks.

Hi Tom,

I would indeed expect the widget tree in the copied screen to be exactly the same.  

Some things that could be different :

The lay-out webblock

The common webblocks such as menu

The theme settings and css

And a more outlandish reason : maybe by accident some used webblocks already exist with the same name in the target module. 


Thanks.  As far as I know I have drilled down and inspected every nook and cranny and everything looks identical.  That's why it would be nice to be able to see a flattened view of the whole thing in a project file or something where the two could be compared with any number of diff tools out there.

Hello Tom 

I have looked into this and tried to find suitable solution but no luck. I didn't get any tool that could help you to compare two different screens in different projects or compare two projects. 

We have different components and best practices to check and compare the elements within module or same module in different lifetime. 

For the moment, if you are facing issues with the UI Part like widgets are sometimes subtle and sometimes pronounced, the focus needs to be on Theme Style, CSS as suggested by Dorine. 

Also, you can create a Support Ticket to know more about this. 

Many Thanks 


I am not sure if you should create a support ticket for this. There is nothing wrong that needs to be analysed, nor need there be a service requested from OutSystems.

I fully agree with the comment that @Dorine Boudry added that it is better to dump/compare the generated html/css that try to find out the root cause.

Aha. dumping the generated html/css is precisely what I was hoping to find a way to do.  In my original post I said "in a flat, xml or json or some other plain text format" which should have been stated "by dumping the generated html/css" had I even have thought of that.  How does one dump the generated html/css?  Thanks.


Maybe you would have better luck comparing the actual application using some browser dev tool or some testing tool like selenium, and than work your way back to the root cause 

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