Which IIS process controls the environmental health check for the cache invalidation?

I am trying to figure out which one of the IIS web apps controls the environmental checks for the cache invalidation service.   I have rabbit mq up and fully function but I fear something in my environment is blocking outsystems ability to hit the rabbitmq endpoint to check that it is running.  

I am seeing some errors with in the event log when my profiler is attaching


So wondering if that is the process or another?



Hello Mark


I am not sure if you have already went through this document on Cache Invalidation in OutSystems 11

Please check if this could help you out. I have checked and it has some references for RabbitMQ as well. 

I hope this could helps you. 

I have, unfortunately it does not go into the detail I require.   Outsystems creates a dozen or more IIS web applications.  I am trying to understand which one would be responsible for these environmental checks. 


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