Google Map - retrieve coordinates dynamically

Hi everyone,

I have built a small oml for geolocation;

basically, what I'm trying to achieve is to refresh coordinates dynamically when you drag and drop a marker on a google map.

I've tried to implement my flow whit javascript but it didn't work, so I decided to get rid of it. Got any suggestions?

To test the oml you need to provide a real Google API key.

Thank to anyone who will find some time for my issue.

Kind regards,




Hi Gianmaria,

You should use "AddMarkerEvent"

I modified your oml for example.



Hi Toto,

wow! thank you so much it works perfectly! 

Thanks for your time and best regards,


Hi everyone,

starting from Toto's solution I decided to build a new example page that refreshes coordinates and address dynamically when you drag and drop a marker on a map. (See oml attached)

Hope it will be helpful to anyone out there who might have this same issue that I had. 

Thank you again to Mr. Toto and cheers


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