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I have a problem using the component, I don't know if it is possible to format the input text when I use bullets. For example, in my case I may have bullets with the text in italics, bold or underlined.

If someone could help me? I would be very grateful.


Jorge Rodrigues

Hi @Jorge Rodrigues,

I am no expert with this component but my 2 cents is that it is not possible with the available server actions at this time.

I gave it a try by creating an MSWordList with formatted items as shown below:I fed the list to the MSWord_InsertBulletList's 'InTexts' input parameter but the output was plain text with bullets as shown below:



Hi Jorge,

I can confirm AJ is correct, the library does not support this formatting.

It should be possible though, we could add it to an upcoming release.

Kind regards,



Thank you very much for the quick response. But without this functionality I will not be able to use the component, perhaps in the future.


Jorge Miguel Rodrigues

Hello Jorge,

Hope all's well. I am circling back to this post to keep you in the loop on a solution I propsed to another member recently on how to create a word doc with formatting, bullet points etc. Here is the link to that thread.



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