Line Chart does not display all datapoints if timestamp x-axis is formatted to "htt"

My REST API returns data containing the timestamp and price in PHP where y-axis is the price in PHP and the x-axis is the unix timestamp. 

If I format the x-axis like so; 

It displays all the 20 data points as expected.

However, if I change the formatting to only the hour and AM/PM

The line chart does not display all of the data and cuts off at x = 1PM 

I can confirm that the variable where the response is stored counts 20 data points. Is this a bug? Also is there a better way to change 0 AM to 12AM. My initial approach should be to get the first element and change it to 12AM on display but I can't seem to access the indices on expression editor only the attributes are shown. 

Thank you so much and I hope someone  can point me to the right direction. 

Hello Ray 

I am not sure about your problem but the correct way of converting time in OutSystem is 

FormatDateTime(CurrTime(),"hh:mm tt")

Can you please try "hh:mm tt" instead of htt and check if this solves the problem? 

Hi @Manish Gupta ! Thank you, this fixed it for me. Is there a way to just display the hours and AM/PM? without the minutes. I thought the hh:mm tt format is just a placeholder and you can format time based on what components of the time you want to use. For example, if I want hours and AM/PM only i can simply just put htt. Is the colon (:) important? I'll mark this a solution as soon as I know the reason behind this. 

Yes! You can format the time based on what component of time you want to use. Here is the best practice for Formats you can use - 

To Display Hours Only without time can you try "hh tt" - With the Space.

Honestly I don't think : should affect this but without Space might causing the issue. Can you try with Space once as I shared above? 

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