How to integrate a payment SDK into your Outsystems mobile App
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Hi Guys,

I would like to integrate a payment gateway in my mobile application. So i can get SDK packages from the payment channels like Stripe for both android and ios.

But can we use this SDK in outsystems. What is the best way to do this kind of integration.


Hi Learn It,

You can take advantage of Stripe mobile forge component to achieve that. You can also take a look at the Stripe Mobile Sample component for a demo on how to use that forge component using OutSystems.

Kind Regards,


Hi Joao,

I took Stripe as an example. I am not planning to implement the same logic in my project. But want to understand if we can use a direct SDK in Outsystems




You can't use any SDK directly in the Outsystem.

You need to wrap it in Extension or use already existed Forge.


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