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I have an application for questions for employees where there are 7 types of question types, where I make the type of question in one "DoSurvey" screen and there are 7 blocks in it I put logic If

The source variable which will display the block

For example, when the next variable is Multiple Choice, what will appear is the block below

For example, when the next variable is Checkbox, what will appear is the block below

and when I click Nex it will check the next variable type and block according to the varible

My question is: How do I speed up the IF function? Am I first assing to the question type variable or reading it straight from the server action?

Do I fetch it first and then assign it to variables? I'm confused which one is faster to read if it is. Please enlighten me

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Hello Hothorasman,

first correction is, "GetQuestionByQuestionId" is a data action, not a server action.

In the UI, there's one way to speed up in theory (although you probably won't notice any difference):

  • Instead of creating IFs under IFs, you can put the following IFs inside the False branch of the IF. Using this method, it will only read until the first True IF, all others will be ignored.
  • To Assign the TypeSurvey variable, you are doing it right

Best regards

Hi Hothorasman,

If I understand your question correctly, reading directly from the Data Action should be “faster” as the IF widget would update immediately, the instant the data is fetched from the server. Assigning it afterwards on an OnAfterFetch action requires an additional operation due to the additional logic being run, and is therefore technically “slower”.

That being said, the time difference would probably be minimal and likely unnoticeable if it is just an additional variable assignment.

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