How to implement Read and Edit mode in 1 screen
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Hi all, 

I'm trying create a screen flow as : Listing Screen => View Screen => Edit Screen

View Screen and Edit Screen have the same interface. The only difference is that the view mode does not allow the user to edit the data.

Can we use one screen for both View and Edit and what's the best way to implement in Reactive Web App?


Hi Hung,

Yes you can use single screen for both view and edit the data. 

You just need to display them based on condition,

1. Add two container in your screen, one is for view the data and another one is for the edit the data.

2. Add Boolean variable called "IsEdit" and set its default value true.

3. In screen add if condition and set it's condition "IsEdit"

4. In its true field add view container and in False add Edit container.

5. when you click on Edit Data on that action just change the value of IsEdit to False

6. On False container, on save action again change the value of IsEdit to True and refresh the entity. so that you can see captured.

Hope this helps,

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Here i have attached the OML, you can find it in ViewEdit screen.

Check here,

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The procedure that Komal describes is a way to do it.

However, for security best practise with Reactive Web applications, you might want to use two different screens, so that the Edit screen is only accessible for a user with the correct role. 

Another reason to consider two different screens is that for the read-only screen, you will have different options to present the data than when you edit the data.



Hi Hung,

You can use one input parameter in the screen, the value of this input parameter will be if view mode then pass Is Edit False and if edit mode then pass Is Edit True based on this input parameter set the enabled and disabled of the widgets of view and edit screen.




That is a very unsafe solution, it is easy to manipulate in the URL.

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