Widgets Inside Custom HTML

Widgets Inside Custom HTML

Is it possible to place widgets inside custom html?

For example, I like to place form input fields inside <ol> element.  Is this posible? 

I'm a just learning the system so pardon my inexperience.  The examples that I have seen, uses a lot of tables for layout, which I like to avoid. 

Thanks in advance.
Hi JP,

Welcome to the OutSystems community!
As for your question, yes you can include widgets inside custom html: to do this you just need to use unescaped expressions before and after the widgets.

Check this forum post by Rodrigo How to include custom HTML in your application, but instead of creating a single unescaped expression create 2: one before the input widget and another one after.

I hope I have made myself clear, but if you need further help just let me know.

Tiago Simões