How i get the days of week to buttons

Hello, I have a static entity with days of week and i want to call them to the 6 buttons that i have

The first day is always the


For example today is monday.

 i want to display in buttons:

Monday, Tuesday, wenesday, thursday, friday, saturday


Hi Bruno,

can you let us know your use case , there is many ways you can do it

you can set like

if(DayofWeek(currdate())=1,"Monday",if(DayofWeek(currdate())=2,"Tuesday","Wednesday")) and so on.

Also you can add static label and pass input as 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday  and so on...

Outsystem provide value of day from DayofWeek() function.

Hope this will help you.


Hi Bruno,

using DayOfWeek function will require to map the result of the function to some attribute in the static entity. I used the Order attribute for that.

Now create a screen with 2 variables, DayList (Text List) and IsTodayFound (boolean):

UI is a List Records:

In Preparation:

Let me know if you have more questions.

Best regards

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