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Hi everyone,

I am currently using a date picker on a traditional web app.

And what I would like some help whit is on  the Data Range filter, when selecting the option custom, the default value for Start and End day should be empty.

Thank you,


Hello Tiago,

I have tried to do an example:

But a strange thing is happen, the end date always return a different date from the one that I seleteced.

Best Regards,

Nuno R

Hello Tiago 

It happens with the DateTime Datatype. If any expression has variable of DateTime DataType by default it shows "1900-01-01" Date. 

You can leave it empty with a custom format. Please try with the below Format. 

If (Date19 = NullDate(),FormatDateTime(Date19,""),FormatDateTime(Date19,"dd/MM/yyyy"))

Here Date19 is the local variable where I stored date to show on screen. Please check sample -

What date you will select in widget will be displayed after PING Button. 

I hope using the custom format, you will able to solve the problem. 

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