Date Picker Set Interval

Hi Team,

I am facing a scenario with date picker where I will select, From and To date in a single Input by making the Date picker set Interval as TRUE and after saving the same page will be displayed in form as EDIT. At that time I can see only one date in a input field , I couldn't see the start and end date as I selected before.  But I am assigning start date and End date appended value for the Input variable in On Initialize.

Before Save : 

When Fetching : 

On Initialize :

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Hello Saravanan,

Could you please share your OML?

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Hi Sachin,

Please find the demo OML.



Hi Saravanan,

Here, issue is that the Input_Date is bind with DatePicker and in DatePicker if we do not set any date it will display the default today's date. So, for this reason when screen get loaded it is displaying the today's date (2021-05-31) not the which you have concatenated during Oninitialize event of the screen.

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