Lifetime and Front End sharing the same Server also share the Same DB Schema?

Hi Community

Back on version 10 of the Outsystems Platform, it was often common to have A shared lifetime environment with another Front End server.

My question is, in that scenario, do they also share the same Schema?

I'm on my way to try and apply the Tech Note below and I'm not sure if the fact of the Destination server also has Lifetime might smash Lifetime Data as well

Migrate an Environment Using a Database Clone - OutSystems

I would like to know if I must detach Lifetime prior to this or if I can do it later

Thanks in advance

Hi Community

Although it's suggested that LT should be on a separate environment since version 10, if installed on a shared one it also should share the DB Schema that we will need to clone using the Tech Note.

Giving a careful look at that tech note, I found what could be sustaining my answer (Highlighted in green):

Based on the above, I suppose that when LT is in a shared environment it also shares the DB.

Thinking on my scenario, in reverse, if we have LT sharing DEV Environment when applying the technote to migrate data from PROD to DEV through a DB Clone, LT data would be lost due to the DB replacement.

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