being a web developer in a past, which track i should chose for outsystem? Reactive o


being a web developer in a past, which track I should choose for outsystem? Reactive or traditional?

Hello Rangrez

OutSystems gives an opportunity to be a full stake developer as we can develop Web, Mobile App, and everything with the knowing the OS. 

Opting the Reactive or Traditional will depend upon your current needs of Project Development. Being a web developer in Past you can work with any of the TYPE :)  

Latest trend is of Reactive Web, & Mobile Apps. 

If you're interested in learning low-code development, take the #14DaysOfOutSystems challenge and get your own learning plan for 14 days of continuous learning! A little progress every day adds up to big results. Enhance your skillset by taking this challenge - Let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks alot.

Hello Rangrez.

I think you should do training for both because you won't know which project you will get and it can be of mobile, reactive or traditional. You should know all the three ways of developing apps. Depending upon the project requirement you may want to work in any of the three. So, I recommend to get train for both reactive as well as traditional. Manish has already shared the URL above to get started.

Below are the guided paths URL for all the three i.e. Mobile, Reactive, Traditional, have a look and start.



Thank you Tejas!!!

Hey Rangrez

I think this is one of the best questions that concern the new developers who are entering the eco-system of Outsystems. I would love to share what I think about this.

The major difference between Traditional and Reactive web is that the Traditional web is made up of server-side controls and more based on kind of way of web development. Mostly used for projects that were started 5 years ago.

While Reactive web has more client-side controls and additional ability to keep client-side logic. It is what most new development and projects are using mostly with API's for the backend.

So in a nutshell, it depends upon the kind of web development you have done earlier will help you to choose which stack you would find easier to learn.

If you have done mostly Front End development I recommend learning a little about relational databases mostly SQL.

Irrespective of what you start with you will be able to transition across the eco-system of Outsystems as somehow different it is also has lots in common.

I hope this helps!


Thank you so much!!!

To pass the Associate Reactive Developer (OutSystems 11) , is the below tutorial sufficient? or I need to know more from other sections as well? Please advice. 

More than sufficient but, make sure you also understand how to use the tool(service studio).

Hi @Rangrez ,

Yes, that is enough to pass the "Associate Reactive Web Developer" exam. Go through it and also, download sample questions for the reactive exam from below URL. Click on Exam Details link from below URL.



Thanks for the help!!!

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