What are the risks in running a solution in Service Center?
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Hey guys.

I work on a cloud license environment and Outsystems did a security update on our platform.

I read here in the forum that we should run a solution with all modules and extensions to get rid of the warnings and possible errors at run time. 

But, before I did that, the architect asked me about the risks. I don't know how to provide an ETA and neither the risks involved.

Do you know what are the risks involved in running a solution with all modules and extensions? Is it possible to provide an ETA? How can we calculate that?

Thank you all so much.

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Running a solution in service center is not a risk until both the solution pack modules & your target environment module versions are same.

Risk in uploading a Solution pack:

  1. The target environment systems components & solution pack system component should have the same version, if there is a mismatch in version it will result in outdated references for all the modules[which are dependent with the above mentioned component] in the environment.
  2. This is the same case for outdated modules.
  3. If you are using a 2-stage publish mechanism it will first upload the solution to the application server[stores locally], during 1st stage of publish it will display if any module has error[outdated/missing dependency]
  4. Only after 1st stage of publish we will get to know if the solution pack can be successfully published with no errors & warnings, but in lifetime we can verify than before deploying/stage-1
  5. Running solution pack is recommended after migrating OS platform/environment or during code glitches.

ETA depends on your solution pack size, if the OSP file if 5mb it will take 10 mins to publish for 2 stages


Ajay A


Hi Lucas,

Do you mean that you need to republish all the components after some outsystems minor upgrade?

In my case, when republishing of all the components, it should be straightforward. It will give you some impact analysis first before the actual republishing. 

In the impact analysis, you will be able to identify those errors and do some fixing and redo the impact analysis. In some cases, the errors are at your personal module extension. You may need to open the Integration studio and recompile the extension.

Hope it helps.



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