Encrypted values in db


I need help. We are preparing PoC with the need of encryption of one attribute (salary, numeric value) in dozens entities. The main point is to secure this values against db admins (on-premise installation) and all IT users. Other attributes are not confidential, so the standard db encryption is good enough.

What is the best way to achieve this preserving standard behavior of aggregates?


Hello Roman

You can look into this component. First check the demo if could be applied on single column of Entity.

The another method is to create one function to translate the Salary Digits on something else like Digits, or Alphabets (something complex) that cannot be Guessed and pass that Variable through the function.

Hi, I know this component. Does it mean that I need to fetch data using data action and decrypt it in this action?

I haven't use this component. Let me check this but what I think is you should put Encryption when inserting the Salary initially. 

For the data already added, we can fetch and encrypt but for new data it should be encrypted while inserting it self. 

The component should have feature to format the data while inserting. Otherwise we will look for another solution. 

What is your opinion? 

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