How to implement Video Recording functionality in Mobile app?
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I want to implement video recording functionality in my mobile app.

Kindly help.

Thank you


Hello Meer,

I hope you're well.

You can try use this component.

Hope it's help.

Kind regards.

Thanks for reply.

Actually this plugin is not support for Outsystems 11.

Kindly provide if else.

Thank you


Hi Meer,

OutSystems 11 can automatically convert the version 10 module to 11, and most likely it would work if you try it out.

Another one you could try, I used it once and it worked(also version 10), but you can open it, OutSystems will convert it automatically to version 11.



I have tried to install O10 Video Plugin in O11 then I have recieved error (Please see attached image).

Kindly let me know how I can install O10 plugin into O11 version.

Thank you for you help.



Not sure what you did, but all you have to do is 

  1. download the OML.
  2. Goto Service Studio
  3. Click in the upper right corner on Environment
  4. Click onOpen Files
  5. Select the OML
  6. OutSytems will convert it to version 11

Thanks above steps worked for upgrading the OML.

Now, let me check video recording functionality.

Thank you

Hey Agno Silveira and Daniël Kuhlmann 

VideoPlugin plugin is working as I have followed steps that provided by Daniël Kuhlmann.

But issue is the Camera is not opening in app itself. Do you have any idea so that Camera should open in Mobile App screen itself.

Please let me know if you expect more details.

Thank you


Did you use this Forge component? 

On what type of device you test Android or Apple? On my android it opens the camera.

You need a button with some logic like this:

Daniël Kuhlmann , Thanks for reply.

Actually the camera is opening but with fullscreens ( I want to open the camera in outsystems component like in container ).

Other issue is after camera stop not getting binary data in output parameter.


Yes it opens the camera full screen, not sure if you can tweak that.

Regarding what is returned indeed it is not a binary, the video is stored on your device local storage. You get back a json with name,  localURL, type etc. Then you can use that in the video widget to play it if that is what you want. If not you can use the File Plugin to access the local file.

I am not getting callback function call once video capturing is stop. Video file is saved in local device storage, but nothing able to get in call back function parameters.

Can you please help me how I can get video path etc. ?

please let me know for more details.

Thank you 

In document I have read below details but unfortunetely this callback function is not invoke after camera close or stop.

function captureSuccess( MediaFile[] mediaFiles ) { ... };


This function executes after a successful capture operation completes. At this point a media file has been captured, and either the user has exited the media capture application, or the capture limit has been reached.

Is anybody know what I am missing here kindly let me know.

Thank you

Issue is resolved... now getting callback function with full path.
hi meer how you have solved the above issue. i am facing same problem.
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