The Flash Sale on OutSystems exams is back!

Hello OutSystems Community,

We’re excited to announce that the Flash Sale on OutSystems exams is back!

Now, you can get your exam at a 25% discount - all exams, of any type, whether you want to achieve a certification or specialization, are available at a discount until July 31st. All you need to do is define your next step in your OutSystems career, visit the Certification Page, purchase your exam, prepare for it, and take it when you’re ready.

What are you waiting for? Invest in your career and apply now! ??

Not sure what your next step should be? Try checking out our Training and Certifications Playbook. Created for developers, team leaders, business managers, and anyone else planning to certify and train individual professionals or full teams, this playbook will show you all the possible paths to experience OutSystems to its full potential. 

Any questions? Feel free to find your answers on our Learn Page

Can’t find what you want to know? Reach us at

Thank you,

Patrícia Landim

Great News !! Thank you for sharing :) 

Great opportunity ! Thank you :)

Wow Awesome !!!! Thanks for Sharing.

Great News

Thank you for sharing.

OOh it's great! A good oportunity!!! Thanks for sharing @Patrícia Landim 


Great News, Thank you for sharing.

waw its cool :)

Great News, Thank you for sharing !!!

Excellent news! Thanks Patricia. 

Wow, Thanks for sharing its good to have some discount.

Great news!

Great announcement!

It's also good to know that we can schedule and take our exam bought on sale until 6 months after the exam registration so plenty of time to study and prepare.  :-)

Wow .. Great news.. Thank you for sharing. 

Great news, thanks for sharing

Great News.

Great announcement 

Great Announcement for Outsystems Partners and Developers Community 

Great News!!

. Ótimo.
Excelente oportunidade/notícia! .

First of all, thanks for the discount and for showing your continued commitment to the developer community.

Secondly, if OutSystems is serious about adoption and creating a large community of certified practitioners, they should invest in skilling (moderately in place via online learning) and certifications. Come with free (up to N number of attempts, to avoid misuse), or up to huge discount (like 75-90%, to make it more accessible) vouchers. Of course, considering all the needed guardrails and terms around it. Think about how to make it easily available to interested learners who are at least at the entry level.



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