[Data Grid Reactive] Why can't ActionColumns be sortable?
Forge component by Bruno Martinho


I was wondering why Action Columns can't be sortable.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
Ricardo Madeira

Regarding the Action Column, we have on our backlog a task to analyze it and improve it, because the column can have a fixed text or bind to the data source, and we detect some issues depending on this selection in our technical discovery task. 

If the text is fixed, do you see any point in allowing the column to be sortable? Does the AllowSort make only sense when the column has a binding with the data source?

Please let us know your thoughts.

Bruno Martinho

Hi Bruno,

Sorry for the delay. In my opinion, if it can be more generic, it's the way to go. If there's no problem with the column being sortable, despite if it's data is static or dynamic, I'd make that option available.
But that's just my view.

Best regards,
Ricardo Madeira

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