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I've created a custom dropdown tags using dropdown search and list. Everything is working fine except when removing an item to the dropdown search.

I have an onchange action where it will append the selected item in dropdown search to the list and it will remove the item from the dropdown search. However, it seems that the dropdown search block is not clearing that selected item.



 So what I think I could do in your problem is, put everything from aggregate to a list, and that list would be placed on the dropdown search, every time I select one item from the dropdown search, I would put that item on the list of the selected items. When there was an on change action, I use each list to compare which items are on the list from aggregate and which items are on the list of the select items, and then if there were, I remove the item from the list from aggregate



Hello Marcio,

Thanks! Actually, that's the current approach. The only problem is, after removing the item, the dropdown search is not updating, the removed item is still there. Not sure if this is a bug or I am missing something.

You can see here that it is removing the item, already checked using debug and it's working fine. It is just the dropdown search which isn't updating.

Sorry :/ Can you share the OML to have a look?

It must be done like this: do a for each and loop all the items that are equal on the list, the equal ones, and then use the list index of and the remove. But first, you must append.

You can use the list filter too. You must save the selected item on a variable and then on the condition, filter the list through the items that are not equal to the selected one!

Ps: There is an error because I am not declaring anything. I just wanted to show an example

Kind Regards,


Hi Marcio,

I've created a test OML. Please have a look.


Yeah, I notest that is not updating the list, but I am still trying to understand if is the event that is not updating the list.


Hope you are doing fine. Did you try to use the listfilter (remove the selected option), assigning after that list to the variable?


Tried this option as well but no luck. Thanks Joao.

Hello @Esrom Galang,

Just to be sure, are there perhaps two different lists at play and maybe the item is only being removed from one of the them and not the list that the dropdown is bound to? Seems like a stretch but might be worth checking.



Hello AJ,

Yes, there is. The list is coming from an input parameter appending to a local variable On Parameters Change.


Has anyone come to a solution for this? I'm having the same problem. I made it work with the basic Dropdown widget, but not with the Dropdown Search widget... Logic is working fine, it just seems that the Dropdown Search doesn't refresh...

Hi everyone, 

Since OutSystems UI version 2.8.3 there is a new version of this pattern, which provides the desired behavior :)  


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