Only works with breakpoints

I have a webblock that is a modification of list navigation.
The problem is that it only works properly using breakpoints somewhere in the flow.

My question here is if there is any known issue that allows certain actions/flows to work only in debug mode with breakpoints.

Thank you
Hi Miguel,

What kind of unexpected behavior you have?  
How does your weblock supposed to work?

Rafael Pereira
It was a text box expecting the page number that the user wishes to navigate to.
On the texbox's OnChange it triggers the action that repopulates the table with the correct records depending on the page.

Problem: If I write the number in the textbox and wait to perform the action it stays on the same page. If I write the number and take the focus out of the textbox, it works properly. However, both ways WORK (even the first one) when I have a breakpoint somewhere on the flow.