Can onRender event run only Screen or Block is opened or changed in mobile app?
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Hello Everyone,

I want to know about function related onRender event in mobile application.
In onRender event's documentation, it explains as the following. Documentation

The On Render event handler runs after each time the Screen or Block is rendered, i.e. whenever the Screen or Block is opened (right after the On Ready event handler execution) and after any change of the data of the Screen.  

When I want to handle only when [Screen or Block] is opened or changed, is it possible?
Do not want to runs when any data change.
If it is possible, please let me know the solution.

Thanks and Regards,
Zwe Mann


Hi Zwe,

The OnRender runs as described and you cannot change that.

If you don't want your logic to run in this event, you should consider to use the OnReady event.

The documention link you shared already shows you that.



Hello Daniel,

Thank you so much for reply. I also think like you.
But my current problem solved by using OnRender event.

Thanks and Regards,
Zwe Mann

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