[OutSystems Charts] Unable to add multiple entries to a bar chart with duplicate labels
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The steps to reproduce my issue are explained in detail here, but essentially I have a bar chart and I'd like to have separate bars that have the same label, but a different value. This works in a traditional web app (as shown in the link) but does not in a Reactive web app.

Take a look at the link and let me know if you need any more information about this.

Hello @Dan Hessler ,

We've been analyzing the source code and, in fact, there is a difference between the reactive and the web chart.

The chart that is being represented is a column chart with categories on the x-axis and values (numbers) in the y-axis. 

In our concept, the categories should be unique because each column represent the relation of the category with their value (population - 2M) . If the goal is to compare the same category but in different moments (for example population in 1900 and population in 2000) then Series should be used.

To make both charts in different runtimes (reactive and web) to have the same behavior, this principle would make the web to change and be like the reactive.

Can you please share a little bit more about your use case? What kind of information (we don't need the actual data) are you showing in the chart and what is the message that the chart is conveying?


Bruno Martinho

Hey @Bruno Martinho, thanks for the response.

Essentially, I'm trying to plot open orders for customers on a bar chart so that a sales person could see all of the open orders and labeled by customer at a glance. 

My workaround has been to add the date of the order to the label so that I can then see all of the outstanding orders for that customer. I guess something like "Order Number" would be more descriptive a label and do what I need, but that is not what the business wants.

Let me know if you need anymore information, and thanks again for the response.


Hello @Dan Hessler 

Sorry, can you send a screenshot or an image that can help me understand.

We understand that you may have sensitive data, so if you need blur or remove any part that can't be shared, but an image that could illustrate what you have or what you need to achieve would be helpful.


Bruno Martinho

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